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Saint White Jean

Our answer for the perfect bright white denim, with comfort yet stylish feel.

VB Legend Boyfriend

The heritage boyfriend fit. A sexy but masculine shape.

Crossover Black Jean

The statement crossover waist. Vintage black color with small worn effects

Crossover Grey Jean

Light grey with with distress effects at bottom and state of art embroidered details

Rhea Jeans

Reinventing the workwear aesthetics with this high waist large flare bottom

Rune Light Jean

A streamlined style with subtle vintage effects and side opening bottom

Classic doesn’t have to be conservative
#00 is our most personal collection. It is about the metamorphosis and breaking codes, feeling free and inspired.
Denim is very complicated but also effortlessly and beautifully simple. We like that it takes time and effort to make our jeans, that you don’t need to buy many, and that, when you find a good one, it becomes your safe space, and you can wear it for years. We have created styles that feel the most personal, as a resource for classic essentials. It’s a collection designed for every aspect of a woman’s life, for every generation.
Staying faithful to our core line of original cotton denim we are always searching for elements that transcend time, with timeless authenticity. Silhouettes were cut in rigid materials that were given ultra-lightness, fullness, movement, and texture. The colors, the textures the sophisticated shapes are all there.
To prolong the life of a garment is the key to sustainability. We put a lot of focus on obtaining a high-quality product using recycled fabrics and sustainable production processes because we truly believe that our jeans are meant to be worn a lot.
We create styles that go beyond the city and street. Versatile denim pieces and minimal designs that will take women day to night, can be worn at home, in the most modern offices, scrolling the streets, underscoring their versatility.