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Maybe you have already noticed. This year we did things differently. Instead of launching the entire collection, we did separate drops. Two more are on the way.

Prior to any drop, you get 2 weeks to pre-order the jeans with 10% off. If you are a member of Access44, you get to enjoy 15% off before anyone else.

If you’ve been with us for some time, you’ve seen that we rarely offer discounts.

Why we are doing it for pre-order products?

When you pre-order, you secure your jean before anyone else. Some styles go out of stock on the day of the drop and to give everyone a fair chance to order the product, we offer pre-orders at a discounted price.

But also you are helping us.

It works both ways.

As you know our jeans are not easy to make. There are more than 75 operations in production. There are lots of costs. So when we are sure that the jean will be sold this is good for us. It helps us to go on.

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