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2022 was the year of firsts…

We launched our most personal collection, Zero.
We wanted to do fashion that feels the most of me, the most personal. Fashion that will signal confidence but also effortlessly chic.

We did our first drops and pre-orders.
This year we did things differently. Instead of launching the entire collection, we did separate drops. It worked both ways – you secured your loved jean and help us to go on.

We worked a lot to be closer to you.
So, we made our first presence in a concept store. Now you can enjoy trying our jeans.

We launched our first sustainable project
Through our first recycling program, Rethinking Denim, we give your old jean a second life.

As much as I prefer the easy years, the challenging years are where we learn how to get better.

And we couldn’t have done it without you. We never forget that.

So, from the bottom of our heart

Thank you! 

We look forward to 2023!

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