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Quick Wash Rundown

Ready to dive into the cool world of denim washes?

From classic blues to great fades, here’s the lowdown on
the jean washes, the process behind them,
and how to keep it all eco-friendly.

Let’s roll!

Vintage Wash

Comfy from day one!

Want that worn-in feel without the wait? Vintage wash gives you the look of well-loved jeans as soon as you buy them. Special enzymes and a touch of bleach do the trick.


Light Wash

For that easy, breezy summer vibe.

Light wash jeans are faded using enzymes and stones. Perfect for casual days and sun-soaked adventures. Light and laid-back, just like your weekend plans.


Dark Wash

Sleek and sophisticated.

Dark wash jeans are treated to keep their deep indigo hue. Great for dressing up or down. Perfect for a night out or a polished day look. Versatile and always in style!


Raw Denim

The Ultimate Choice.

Raw denim avoids washing completely. It’s dark, rigid, and ready to mold to your body. Break them in and watch them tell your unique story.

Next time you slip into your favorite jeans, you’ll know just what went into making them look so cool.

Stay stylish, stay sustainable.

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