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Responsibility. Timeless. Quality.

A positive mindset

Inspired by the needs of modern women, our emphasis is on sustainability, quality fabrics, modern cuts, and fluid silhouettes. With functionality and simplicity at our core, each piece works in perfect harmony with the next.

We are dedicated to timeless style, uncompromising quality, and purposeful design. We approach our collections with careful curation and a focus on creating trans-seasonal pieces that endure beyond trends. We actively work to reduce our environmental impact through initiatives such as our “Rethinking Denim” program. By using premium materials like organic and regenerative cotton, and recycled fabrics, and implementing sustainable production processes, we ensure that our products not only meet the highest standards of quality but also minimize our carbon and water footprint.


The process starts by imagining a collection of products that embodies our vision, all while prioritizing sustainability. Our efforts are focused on procuring sustainable fabrics, aiming to reduce our environmental footprint.


Once a jean has completed its life cycle, the fabric can undergo the process of recycling. Material recycling involves several steps, including sorting used garments by material, shredding them into smaller fragments, and thoroughly cleaning them. Once the fibers are cleaned, they are respun into a fresh blend of upcycled cotton yarn, which is then utilized in the production of new fabrics.


Regenerative farming practices foster a symbiotic connection between cotton crops, the soil, and the Earth’s atmosphere. These precise agricultural methods prioritize soil vitality, carbon storage, and soil diversity. By incorporating restorative farming techniques, farmers can effectively diminish carbon footprints and revitalize soil health, leading to increased crop productivity and playing a significant role in combatting climate change.


Our fabrics are sourced from both ISKO™ and SAITEX, two leading names in the industry known for their commitment to quality and innovation. Our production process is 100% vertical, giving us full control over the supply chain from start to finish, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability in every step from yarn to garment.

Each fabric used in our collections embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation.


We utilize eco-friendly washes, dyes, laser technology, and ozone machines. These help us achieve authentic washes while minimizing the use of stone washing, chemicals, labor, water, and energy.

We are passionate about the environment and social responsibility, and we work with global sustainable partners which support both.

We collaborate on the development and production of our collections with suppliers who not only share our enthusiasm for creating high-quality items but also share our commitment to doing so ethically.

In the dynamic world of the denim industry, sustainability has emerged as a critical focus, transforming the way we approach the process of washing. Embracing a holistic approach to sustainable practices, we work with partners that are redefining the norms of denim washing by prioritising water conservation, reducing chemical usage, and minimising energy consumption. By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as ozone washing, eco-stones, and natural enzymes, they are reshaping the industry landscape, fostering a more environmentally friendly approach to denim production.

One of our key commitments is to develop high-quality products that will be desirable and worn for a long time.

This approach isn’t only about the appearance of our products; it also pertains to their overall impact.

Our jeans are meant to be worn a lot. We use only high-quality fabrics that ensure durability in time, and we want to provide top quality and fit our consumers.

For us, design, quality, and sustainability are all intertwined. We want our customers to be able to appreciate our jeans and utilize them for a long time.


We believe it is important to continue to improve material choices and keep engaged on recycling technology advancements.

We believe in a circular model in which resources and materials are efficiently utilized and product lifespans are extended. Reusing and recycling products and materials are steps that must be considered from the beginning of the design process.

With the avoidance of waste right at heart, we care about how materials are sourced, produced, reused, and disposed of.

All our products are made with the use of ISKO™ Denim and SAITEX fabrics. This enables us to include reused materials to craft reused and recycled denim fabrics and the use of regenerative cotton, while maintaining durability and quality, thus creating the almost perfect No44 pair of jeans.

Rethinking Denim

A new initiative in collaboration with ISKO™ Denim. The next step in our commitment to sustainability and it’s about people’s commitment to giving their pre-loved jeans a second life.


Rethinking Denim represents an important step in our journey to further reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our next step toward circular denim design.

We want our customers to be part of the story of our most sustainable jeans ever.

A 100% sustainable product made with a mix of reused and/or recycled materials in collaboration with ISKO R-TWO™, the latest sustainable evolution program in denim.

Following a design methodology driven towards greater circularity and creating garments that last for decades, is part of No44’s DNA.

This collaboration between No44 and ISKO R-TWO™ marks a significant milestone in our transition to circularity. We bring our vision to life by reinforcing a more circular design practice that can keep materials in circulation longer. Reducing the impact of the jeans we create, while still delivering the same timeless design we want to be known for.

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