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Denim Without Compromise

Responsibility. Timeless. Quality.

We're all about putting our beliefs into action. We aim to make better and more responsible denim, caring for both your clothes and the planet.

Future-Ready Wardrobe

We want each piece to fit well with the others. Our focus is on timeless style, using top-quality materials for versatile and easy-to-wear looks. We make clothes you’ll be proud to own and can pass down to future generations.

Vertical Excellence

By controlling our entire production process, we ensure sustainable practices from start to finish. Our 100% vertical production system guarantees high standards at every stage, embodying true luxury that respects our planet.

The right fabrics

Using premium materials, including organic and regenerative cotton, recycled fabrics, and sustainable production, our products not only meet high-quality standards but also minimize our environmental impact.

Making a Difference

We start by envisioning a collection that reflects our values, with a strong focus on sustainability.
Our efforts are dedicated to using eco-friendly fabrics to minimize our impact on the environment.


When jeans reach the end of their life, the fabric is recycled. This involves sorting, shredding, and cleaning the material. The cleaned fibres are then respun into new blend of upcycled cotton yarn, which is used to create new fabrics.


Our cotton comes from farms using regenerative practices, promoting a healthy relationship between crops, soil, and the environment. These practices prioritize soil health, carbon storage, and biodiversity, helping combat climate change.

Fabric Sourcing

Partnering with industry leaders like ISKO™ and SAITEX for our fabrics, especially known for their sustainability efforts, enables us to source premium materials and reduce our carbon and water footprint. Sustainability at every stage, from yarn to the final garment.


Our suppliers use sustainable washes, dyes, and technology to achieve authentic looks while minimizing environmental impact. We are committed to ethical practices for a more environmentally friendly approach.

We make clothes you’ll be proud to own and can pass down to future generations

We want you to have it all: comfort, quality, and ethics. Crafted with care, they ensure a perfect fit, lasting durability, and a sustainable footprint.

Our jeans are your canvas for self-expression. Wherever you are, they lift your confidence and elevate your style, making every occasion uniquely yours.

We’re dedicated to quality. Our jeans blend traditional craftsmanship with sustainable innovations, using the very best materials to create exceptional jeans that stand the test of time.


We believe it is important to continue to improve material choices and keep engaged on recycling technology advancements

We focus on sustainable fashion for modern women, emphasizing quality fabrics and stylish cuts that blend function and simplicity. Our “Rethinking Denim” project features the Rei Jean, crafted from reused or recycled materials in collaboration with ISKO R-TWO™, a cutting-edge sustainable denim program.

The introduction of CTRL+Z fabrics by ISKO™ represents our move towards circular denim design, using recycled materials without compromising durability.

Our 100% vertical production ensures high standards, embodying true luxury that respects our planet. 

We’re exploring the integration of the RE&UP program by ISKO™ for textile-to-textile recycling, creating a closed-loop system for an almost perfect pair of jeans.

When it comes to our sustainability efforts, we believe in doing things right.

We partner with industry experts that follow standards verified by third-party organisations, which support and validate the efforts of our partners and collaborators in materials and production practices.

Rethinking Denim

In collaboration with ISKO™ Denim, our project unveils a strong commitment to sustainability through Rei Jean,
crafted from reused or recycled materials as part of the cutting-edge ISKO R-TWO™ sustainable denim program.

"Closing the circle" on cotton sustainability

An important step in our journey to reduce environmental impact. Rei Jean, our most sustainable product yet, is crafted from 100% reused and/or recycled materials in collaboration with ISKO™. Embracing a circular design, we ensure these jeans endure for decades, reflecting No44’s commitment to lasting quality. Together, we’re closing the circle on cotton sustainability by giving your jeans a second life. We are moving towards a more circular design practice while maintaining our timeless aesthetic.

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