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Responsibility. Timeless. Quality.

A positive mindset

Consumers have become more conscious of the impact of their purchases, and they want assurance that the things they buy are manufactured responsibly at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product.

Our sustainability goal begins with a desire to be proud of our products, including how they look, how they are created, and how they are used. Our main social, environmental, and ethical challenges, as well as how we take responsibility for them, drive our ambition.

One of our key commitments is to develop high-quality products that will be desirable and worn for a long time.

This approach isn’t only about the appearance of our products; it also pertains to their overall impact.

Our jeans are meant to be worn a lot. We use only high-quality fabrics that ensure durability in time, and we want to provide top quality and fit our consumers.

For us, design, quality, and sustainability are all intertwined. We want our customers to be able to appreciate our jeans and utilize them for a long time.


We are passionate about the environment and social responsibility, and we work with global sustainable partners which support both socially responsible and sustainable brands.

We want to collaborate on the development and production of our collections with suppliers who not only share our enthusiasm for creating high-quality items but also share our commitment to doing so ethically.

As a global company, ISKO™ is subject to the highest standards of ethical conduct and behavior. One of their most important and revolutionary initiatives is R-TWO™ fabrics; made with a minimum of 50% pre and post-consumer recycled blend. The fiber selection reduces the carbon and water footprint up to 45% and 65, respectively, and recycled materials are Global Recycled Standard.

We believe it is important to continue to improve material choices and keep engaged on recycling technology advancements.

We believe in a circular model in which resources and materials are efficiently utilized and product lifespans are extended. Reusing and recycling products and materials are steps that must be considered from the beginning of the design process.

With the avoidance of waste right at their heart, R-TWO™ is a creative and revolutionary program that rethinks how materials are sourced, produced, reused, and disposed of.

All our products are made with the use of R-TWO™ by ISKO™. The program enables us to include reused materials to craft reused and recycled denim fabrics, while maintaining durability and quality, thus creating the almost perfect No44 pair of jeans.

Our fabrics are exclusively from ISKO – one of the leaders in the denim creative industry.

Our production is 100% vertical and we have control over the entire supply chain. Every step from yarn to garment is supervised.

ISKO is always first in industry-breaking ideas rooted in sustainability. Every piece of fabric we use for our collections pushes the boundary of sustainable innovation.

The Manufacturing is made in the sisco of Isko – Creative Room, a fully integrated garment provider. Utilizing ISKO’s Scoring System, the Creative Room is able to reach our demanding standards in sustainability, quality, technical capacity, processes, and other qualifications.

The washing and finish processes are made the same in-house using Jeanologia technology, which meets the highest quality and sustainability standards using EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring) system.


Materials & Chemicals


Cotton remains our most important fiber. It is the main fiber used in our jeans and it ranges between 71% and 100%. The origin of the cotton is from suppliers that use the best available technology and where risks in terms of water pollution and chemical use are generally low.

Recycled cotton

Cotton is a resource-intensive crop to grow, therefore using recycled cotton is a fantastic approach to reduce our environmental effects. We’re proud to say that, 60% of our jeans styles contain recycled cotton.

Reused cotton

One method to be more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact is to recycle cotton at the fiber level. However, reusing the fabric itself is a better alternative and that is why 65% of our products have in their composition an average of 14% reused cotton (RUC).


We have polyester in 2 of our styles, in low quantity, no more the 6% in their composition. The reason? When polyester is added to our most stretchy jeans, the stretch recovers faster, and when polyester is introduced to a cotton yarn, the yarn strength improves. Recycled or not, we encourage our customers to wash their jeans in a washing bag specifically made to capture the microplastic fibers.


There is between 1% and 3% elastane in our comfort and stretch jeans, which gives the denim a soft and stretchy feel. Cotton fibers are twisted around a very thin elastane thread in the yarn used to make the denim fabric. As a result, the elastane is at the yarn’s core.


We recognize the need for chemicals in the production of textiles, but the challenge is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and increase the use of better chemicals. We want all our products to be safe for consumers and the environment. One way to ensure this is to only work with suppliers with proper chemical handling procedures and approved wastewater systems such as ISKO™.

Rethinking Denim

Rethinking Denim is a great opportunity to bring new life to jeans that no longer have a place in your daily life, a second chance that can make all the difference.

A new initiative in collaboration with ISKO™ Denim. The next step in our commitment to sustainability and it’s about people’s commitment to giving their pre-loved jeans a second life.