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Rethinking Denim represents an important step in our journey to further reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We wanted our customers to be part of the story of our most sustainable jeans ever and this story is being written beautifully by all of us.

This is #ReiJean

A jean made of 100% recycled materials making them our most sustainable jeans ever. The jean is made with your pre-loved jeans and post-consumer scraps and denim waste. Rei Jean was unveiled at Denim Day, hosted at APARTERRE as a result of everyone that took part in our recycling program Rethinking Denim in collaboration with ISKO™.

What sets Rei Jean apart is its unique design, which features a hook-and-eye closure at the waist. This closure offers versatility to the wearer, allowing you to choose whether to wear the jeans as high-waisted or low-waisted depending on your preference.

Rei Jean was created using more than 500 pairs of jeans as part of the recycling program and securing scraps and post-industrial denim waste, weighing 14 tons. These materials were then sent to ISKO™ denim, using R-TWO™ program, produced the new 100% recycled fabric.


We bring our vision to life by reinforcing a more circular design practice that can keep materials in circulation longer. Reducing the impact of the jeans we create, while still delivering the same timeless design we want to be known for.

We are happy that so many of you have committed and done your part in “closing the circle” on cotton sustainability.

Giving a new life to a pair of jeans already makes sense to us.
So, you can still send them our way.

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