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Closing the loop: Rethinking Denim

First things first: Thank you for doing your part! We had a great response. Now is our turn to keep our promise! We are working with our…

What a year

2022 was the year of firsts... We launched our most personal collection, Zero. We wanted to do fashion that feels the most of me, the…

Why is it necessary to rethink denim?

In a world full of denim brands, why denim? We wanted to do fashion that feels personal. Fashion that will signal confidence but also effortlessly…

What is Rethinking Denim? Our first circularity project

For millions of people around the world, jeans are a wardrobe staple. A single pair of jeans uses up to 3.500 liters of water in…

Creating Our Most Sustainable No44 Ever

We want our customers to be part of the story of our most sustainable jeans ever. A 100% sustainable product made with a mix of…

Do one thing right – our Why

I have always been close to fashion. Most of the time behind the scenes where you can see how your soon beloved garment, bag, and shoes…

Why Pre-Order products?

Maybe you have already noticed. This year we did things differently. Instead of launching the entire collection, we did separate drops. Two more are on…

Jeans that you would never think of throwing away

We truly believe that our jeans are meant to be worn a lot. Therefore, we put a lot of focus on obtaining high-quality products from…

Introducing Notebooks

This is our journey, our story, our Notebook. A few years ago, we started to make jeans. We started with a dream to make a…
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