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This is our journey, our story, our Notebook.

A few years ago, we started to make jeans.

We started with a dream to make a jean comfortable and yet utterly seductive. We want to be practical, to create styles that match at the office next to a shirt, on a relaxed holiday wearing sneakers or in heels feeling fabulous. We want to bring back the times when buying a garment means something for us, who put all our heart into producing it, and for you when you will wear it.

Why Jeans?
Because Denim is very complicated but also effortlessly and beautifully simple. We like that it takes time and effort to make our jeans, that you don’t need to buy many, and that, when you find a good one, it becomes your safe space, and you can wear it for years.

We want you to be part of this journey: to understand why we do it, our reasons, hopes, and dreams. We will listen to you. We promise to improve based on your feedback. We hope that, with every step we take, we will become better. That you will feel the difference, and one day you will understand why we are proud to make jeans.

We will not lie and say all is good and happy. Sometimes there are difficulties. There are times when we think maybe we should give up. But again, we found the strength to go on, to continue to be proud of doing something remarkable.

That’s it! Nothing else. No other story behind it.

A young team working hard at what they love and believe.


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