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How do I use the Coupons section and how do I receive a custom coupon?

This section is for those affiliates who are approved to have a custom coupon code that has a % discount set by the No44 team. To receive this coupon, you will need to send a request to and let us know why you think a coupon will go a long way in improving our partnership, how will it benefit you and us on a long term, and where you plan to use it.

But let’s assume you have one or more coupon codes: this section lets you see their unique name and % discount. You can share this with your audience. By doing so, you get your 15% commission on their total order amount after the % discount of your coupon was applied.

For Example:

The total order is €100,00, after your CUSTOMENAME (10% off) coupon was applied, the final amount of their order is €90,00. You get a 15% commission on €90,00, resulting in a referral amount of €13,50.