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I have always been close to fashion. Most of the time behind the scenes where you can see how your soon beloved garment, bag, and shoes are brought to life.

I wanted to do fashion that feels the most of me, the most personal. Fashion that will signal confidence but also effortlessly chic.

I have always loved jeans. I like that they can be classy and sexy at the same time. You can wear them in every aspect of your life. I think every woman likes jeans, but doesn’t necessary want to be perceived as a young rebel.

No44 was launched as a resource for classic essentials. Do one thing right! 

It is the attention to every detail that makes No44 jeans so special. They flatter every silhouette, simply effortless and beautiful.

I like that it takes time and effort to make our jeans, that you don’t have to buy many, and that when you find a good one, they become your safe space. You can wear them for years. Denim is timeless and while fashion and marketing trends come and go, that authentic pair of jeans will always be there.

We are not trying to replace your old jeans, we want to become your new favorite classy jean.

I hope one day you can find out just how good our jeans are.


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